"A vehicle holds value so long as it has a history and is limited in numbers."

We have diversified our Collection by fully restoring Aston Martins and Ferraris to pristine condition, using original parts and state of the art mechanical engineering along the way.


​The Aston Martin DB5 is a British luxury grand tourer, made by Aston Martin and designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. The Aston Martin DB5 is often billed as the most famous car ever produced, thanks to the deadly Silver-Birch DB5 that was driven by James Bond in Goldfinger. 

Project scheduled for completion in 2018.

Aston Martin DB6 1967

Introduced as a replacement for the iconic DB5, the Aston Martin DB6 The 1970 Aston Martin DBS6 Vantage grew in size to accommodate 4 people and their luggage making it the very finest of Grand Touring motor cars. A rear “Kamm tail” derived from the DP Project - the DB6 continued the “superleggera” build ethics of its predecessors, but with much better cabin space and longer wheelbase allowing superior ride quality and better high speed aerodynamics. Just 1,325 mark 1 DB6’s were ever built and remain the discerning choice of those looking for a practical DB Aston.

This example in full restoration comes with all matching numbers and will be finished in Goodwood Green and black leather interior.


 Project scheduled for completion late 2018.


Produced over 6 years by Aston Martin Lagonda Limited, the Aston Martin DBS6 is a grand tourer representing proud heritage in British engineering triumphs. Powered by the same 4.0 litre engine as the DB6, the DBS6 is a larger coupé with four full-sized seats. However, this Vantage specification, thanks to upgraded Weber carburettors produces at 325bhp, over 40 more horsepower than the standard DBS6.


The DBS models, in their modern look and stance, were designed to be a step ahead of previous Aston Martin models as well as contenders. As such, the vehicle sports a fastback style rear end and original sharper front grille, expressive of the vogue in automotive design circles of the late sixties. The unique bonnet scoop, knock off wire wheels, and side air vents with stainless steel bright work on the DBS6 make it unshrouded in Aston Martin’s signature style. The DBS was the last Aston Martin to be built under David Brown's control, and this particular example is the last chassis number to make it off the factory line. To be finished late 2017, exactly to the original specification.

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